This Guy Caught His friend’s babe cheating and here is what he did

A Nigerian guy (@iceylamar) took to Twitter recently to share a story of how he caught his friend’s girlfriend cheating and how he handled the situation.

Read below.

Lol not to trigger any gender but I once met my friend’s girlfriend in a client’s house at 11:40 half naked, doing coke in phase1…baba did not know that I knew her, so he said “meet my baby girl” kissed her and told her to go wait upstairs. Of course she felt like entering the Ground, but I did not mention anything to my friend till date and they’re still happily dating, I couldn’t imagine them not together again, cos at a point, their relationship was like a yardstick for single boys like us in the circle..we were always jealous of their love

Do you think the guy did the right thing or he messed up?

In my own opinion, if that guy is really my friend and not just someone I talk to or have little acquaintance with, I will definitely let him know what is going on and not keep him in the dark. It is better to break his heart and save his soul and not wait until he is so invested in the relationship and find out or probably get married to this chick and later discover through a DNA test that none of the kids are his, some people don’t recover from news like that. If the friend is not cheating, then I think this guy has failed his friend.

So what do you think or what could you have done in this situation? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. That guy has failed his friend because he is the highest betrayal.
    Break he heart make he eye for clear from fake love, the girl doesn’t worth that love.

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