Was Northboi Wrong for calling Wizkid out publicly?

In 2019, fast-rising Nigerian record producer, Northboi (See his biography here), granted some interviews where he called out Wizkid for reluctance in making payment for the beats he produced for him. These two gave us hit records like ‘Soco’, ‘Joro’, ‘Gucci Snake’ but no one knew that they weren’t having a cordial relationship behind the scene until Northboi granted those interviews.

He also took to Twitter in a now-deleted tweet to shade Wizkid. He said;

Imagine being so powerful, person wey you do beat for dey fear to promote you make you no pass am.

Na my hand you collect your last global hit. after me all you have is ojuelegba and dont dull.

He continued

He even threatened me with a gun one time. all cuz i asked for the contract for joro

I swear on my life. all i’ve said is true. after i asked for the contract of the damian marley record. he threatened me again. and that was the last time we talked about it. he keeps threatening me. and i work hard. to make these virals

My Opinion

Every lover of good music and afrobeat will testify that Wizkid and Northboi got a great synergy and If everything that Northboi said in those interviews is right, then Wizkid really messed up. Producers are the flavour of Afrobeat and they deserve more accolades and proper compensation for their work as we wouldn’t be enjoying a lot of these songs if not for the top-notch instrumentals that these producers deliver. Northboi, on the other hand, is very talented and even his enemies/haters can’t deny that fact but then he didn’t calculate his action before taking it as that was not just a wrong move but most especially a wrong timing.

One thing celebrities or in fact the general public needs to understand is that 95% of the time, the internet/netizens will never help you in solving your problem and will just talk about it for a while and then leave you with your problem which will now already be escalated by the fact that you made it public.

Northboi is a guy who was already giving up on his music production career and was about to leave Lagos finally as he couldn’t pay for his studio rent up until he got to know Ceeza Milli who later introduced him to Wizkid. After that call, and after linking up with Wizkid, they made bangers like ‘Joro’, ‘Soco’, ‘Fever’, ‘Gucci Snake’, he even worked with other artists like Mayorkun on the song ‘Posh’ and even worked with Beyoncé on her album ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ on the song ‘Keys To The City’. For any upcoming producer, this is a dream come true, a privilege that Northboi underappreciated. From what I have learned from Dr Charles Apoki teaching on Ten People you cannot help, If I was Northboi, I would have just kept quiet, not let the public know what’s happening, and keep building a strong relationship with other artists and making bangers and still keep disturbing Wizkid for the payment and making more music with him. If Northboi had just done this for like say, two or three more years, I bet you, he wouldn’t be needing Wizkid as he would have had an already established career but take a look at how his growth and career has tanked since those interviews where he called out Wizkid because stuff like this will probably discourage other artists from working with you and also hinder the good music that he could have made with Wizkid and build a brand for himself. Now he has parted ways with music and isn’t working with other top artists, what is he going to do with all the beats he is making?

There are so many talented artists who haven’t been discovered yet and will kill for the kind of opportunity that Northboi got even tho they don’t make so much money but they just want the exposure and build their brand. So if the allegations were true,

What do you think? Was Northboi’s action right or do you think he messed up? Let me know in the comment section below.


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