Wizkid Vs Davido! Who is Richer?

Award-winning Nigerian singer, Davido refers to himself as OBO (Omo Baba Olowo) a Yoruba word which means ‘The Child Of A Rich Man’ and the name isn’t out of place as the singer was born into a rich home and had a comfortable life as a child. But on growing up, the singer’s hardworking ethic, passion, and independent nature began to kick in and he started working hard to acquire his own wealth and make a name for himself without necessarily depending on his Dad.

After years of putting in work, Davido made himself millions of dollars for himself from his music sales, shows, endorsements, and other business ventures and he has made his way into the top ten richest musicians in Nigeria. As he keeps on making more money, the singer never relents in spending excessively on himself and his crew.

Unlike Davido who was born into a rich home, Wizkid was born into a middle-class polygamous home and right from the age of 11, the Ojuelegba boy had already chosen his career path. Through hard work and consistency, Wizkid has been able to change the status of himself and his family and has made millions of dollars from the music business. Wizkid is currently having the record of the highest paid Nigerian artist for a single show after he was paid the sum of $681,200 (₦246.9 million equivalent) for a wedding in India.

My question for you guys now is!

Between Davido and Wizkid, who is richer?

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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