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Dami Olatunde who is popularly known as African Ape/Aphrican Ace is a Nigerian content creator, Instagram comedian, MC, and actor.

He was born on the 26th of December, 1987, and is from the Yoruba tribe. Dami currently resides in the United States and has been there for years now. He proposed and got married to his long-time girlfriend, Garricka Blue-Olatunde in 2019, and on the first of January (2020) they had their first child, Tiaraoluwa Atara Olatunde.


His comedy career started as far back as 2013 when Instagram allowed only 30 seconds video and somehow, Dami continued to put laughter on the faces of his followers in those 30 seconds of each video.

The video that brought him to limelight was the skit “Would You Slap Me For $10 million” and African Mother reacts to Beyoncé’s pregnancy. Dami has since continued to impress his fans and currently boasts of over 500,000 followers on his verified Instagram page. Apart from being a comedian, he also anchors events in the U.S mostly organized by Africans in the diaspora.

He has a degree in accounting, an MBA, and an MS in management information systems. He has rebranded and changed his brand name from Africanape to Aphrican Ace.

Comedy Videos

Net Worth

He is currently worth ₦201 million. He makes his money from brand promotion on social media through his content and platform, also from anchoring events, from revenue generated from ads on YouTube.

Dami currently owns a house in the US and also owns cars and other valuable comodities.


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