Ordinary President Ahmad Isah Biography, Career, and Net Worth

Ahmad Isah who is popularly known as Ordinary President is a Nigerian On-Air Personality (OAP), journalist, and human rights activist. He was born on the 1st of January (Year of birth unknown).

Ahmad Isah is the founder of Brekete Family, a Non-profit reality radio and television program, focused on human rights.


Driven by the desire and passion to be the voice of the voiceless and protecting the rights of the oppressed, he launched the Brekete Family program in 2009. The program which is conducted in Pidgin English first aired on Kiss FM Abuja and then on Crowther Love FM. The show focused on protecting the rights of the downtrodden, helping to provide justice for the voiceless, and stimulating Nigerians to care for the oppressed and many beneficiaries of the show applauded the show and its host, Ahmad Isah.

The show which featured real-life issues and events concerning human rights grew rapidly and was listened to by millions of Nigerians, including government officials, law enforcement agents, and politicians.

In 2017, Ahmad Isah launched his own radio station, Human Rights Radio 101.1FM Abuja. The Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo also graced the show with his presence on the 29th of October, 2018.


In May 2021, BBC News Africa made a documentary on Ahmad Isah, showing one of his show sessions where a kid whose head was burnt was brought to him. The child’s aunty poured kerosene on her head and lit her on fire after she was told that the little girl is possessed. The kid’s family couldn’t do anything and didn’t report to the police because they felt the police wouldn’t take their case seriously, so they had to go and make their case at Ahmad Isah’s Brekete Family show.

Ahmad called a top police chief in Abuja, live on air, seeking justice for the child and He went further to donate 2 million Naira for the child’s mother to learn a trade and also to take care of the child.

The police went on a search for the child’s aunt who lit her on fire, they eventually caught her and brought her to the show. Ahmad Isah started questioning her to know who made her believe the child is a witch, and when the woman didn’t give him a name, Ahmad Isah slapped her and handed her back to the police. The video went viral on social media and Nigerian netizens applauded Ahmad Isah for the slap, saying that the woman deserved it.

Also in May 2021, a video that dated back to October 19, 2020, surfaced online, showing Ahmad Isah slapping a man who he accused of writing down names of people in his show without any authorisation. The man claimed he came for CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) registration and that’s why he was taking people’s names and details. Ahmad Isah got furios and slapped him because he felt the man was taking people’s detail in order to defraud them. Ahmad Isah asked him if he works with the Corporate Affairs Commission or Presidecy and he didn’t respond.


Personal Life

He is a muslim married man.

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