Annabelle || Chapter 5 (b) – Victoria’s Secret


Chapter 1 (a) – The Odds Around me

Chapter 1 (b) – The Odds Around Me

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Chapter 3 – The Strange Man

Chapter 4 – Dad’s Secret

Chapter 5 (a) – Victoria’s Secret

Chapter 5 (b)  – Victoria’s Secret

Chapter 6 – The Truth (Last Episode)


Chapter 5 (b)  – Victoria’s Secret


“Principal Sam?” I said in shock

“Father Samuel?” my father said in surprise as well, then we turned to look at one another in confusion. Then we turned to stare at the man who had just discarded his mask again and asked

“What are you doing here” we muffled at the same time in shock looking at each other and wondering what the both of us are going on about.

The three other people in the room had laughed out boisterously at the confusion written on our faces and the questions we had asked.

My mother was the first to speak “Now don’t be confused, everything will be explained, I can see the questions on your faces but this is the tip of the iceberg, there will be many questions you will want to ask but do not worry, we will answer them all” then she turned to look at the man and said “I’m certain Sam has a lot to tell us, so relax and listen, tonight is going to be a long night”

The man called Sam was the principal Sam in my school and I wondered what he is doing here and especially how he was related to my mum but we were soon to find out

Sam started with a guttural voice “Alright, let me continue from that night when I had seen both Victoria and her brother Victor outside my door, they had been worn out, hungry having only had the cloth they wore on their back. My first impulse had been to drive them away but as I looked at how exhausted and weak they sat at my door, I decided to let them have a place to stay for that night

I had recognized them from the news, but I pretended ignorance, they have a ransom of two thousand grand on their heads, and I was in dire need of money at the time, so I only assisted them that night solely for a selfish reason, I had wanted to turn them in the following day”

“You wanted to turn us in, Sam? You told us you had not recognized us nor had caught a glimpse of us anywhere when we asked” Victor had said

“I could not admit to knowledge of you guys from the news, how was I supposed to receive my reward from the police if I had declared that I did”

“So why didn’t you turn us in?” Victoria inquired folding her arms around her chest

“Because I found something tremendous than that with you, I found the greater good” he replied

“And what might that be?” my mother and Victor asked him

“Alright guys you don’t need to be mad at me for not telling you guys I recognized you from the news, you should be thankful and I never turned you in, you both would have ended up in Juvenile for many years”

“Oh, so we should be grateful to you for deceiving us? you still haven’t told us the reason you didn’t turn us over to the police” Victoria asked getting agitated

“Now calm down Victoria, I’m going to tell you guys about it then he turned to me and my dad and said, including the both of you. I will tell you the things I have not dared to tell you about myself and I want all of you to pay attention. When he was sure everyone was listening to him he started

” I was an orphan just like you both, pointing at Victoria and Victor, thrown at the mercy of my family, one at a time till I was sent to my last house which was that of my maternal uncle to care for.

He was a frail man, he was hopeless and had no reason to want to stay alive, he had married the love of his life but had cheated on her, she had found out and walked out of his life, the woman he had cheated on was a younger woman with pretty blue eyes, she became pregnant and my uncle had married her thinking he was in love.

She had made his life miserable and when I had joined the family, I was about fifteen years old, I was very tall and quite matured. She was nice to me, she made sure I was well-fed and clothed. I had thought she liked me and of course, she had liked me but not in the manner I thought she had.

She flirted shamelessly at me, making advances at me, although I was young I knew something wasn’t right about her behavior, she sneaks into my room in the middle of the night and I could not tell my uncle about it which led me to sleeping outside at the security man’s room.

It was later discovered that the child she had claimed was my uncle’s child wasn’t his, that was after three years of staying with him. He had lived miserably with her because of this child so when he knew he wasn’t the father of the child, he had sent her out and went begging his wife but she was adamant to return to him. A few months later, she had sent him a court restraining order banning him from seeing his children, and after their divorce was finalized, she had received his house as support because that was the only thing he had.

My uncle and I had been thrown out of the house into the street, months later he became too weak to go on and had died in the little shelter we had managed to call our home for those months.

When he had died, I was forced to enroll in the army and was picked, I became a corpsman, I was greedy and desperate to make myself a rich man

Because of this, I took the reckless means to get rich quick and be powerful, I had received a bribe from a terrorist wanting to carry out an operation against the army in the city, I was found out, the mission was unveiled and every ploy deactivated, and was sent to life imprisonment.

I had stayed in jail for five years before a soldier just like myself who was about to get released had died in a prison riot, I seized the opportunity to switch his uniform and name with mine, this was possible with the help of the guards who had quickly become my friends, the people on the outside thought I had died so when it was time for the man to be discharged, I was released in his place.

That was how I became someone else, I forged a new identity and life, I had come out to start life afresh, life without crimes, I was working four jobs to survive and I could barely feed myself or take care of my other needs appropriately.

I was in despair at my situation so much so that I could rob a bank, when I had seen the two of you and recognized you from the news and the reward on your heads, I was so elated I felt you were the answer to my prayers and my means of getting out of poverty but when I heard your story I was deeply touched because I knew what it was like to be broken, hungry and hopeless. That was why I never turned you over to the authority”

When he had finished speaking, he looked at each one of us faces as if expecting something from it, maybe an understanding.

My mother was the one to speak after he ended his tale “You never told us your story this way, you said you were a retired soldier, I had often wondered how someone that young could have been retired with no permanent damage on your body, like losing your eye sights, amputation of legs or arms, but I wasn’t going to bother you about it especially since I knew how sensitive you get when you think about it”

“I have a question though,” Victor said, who is Sam? I’m asking because you said you stole someone else’s identity to leave the prison, does that include the name, Sam?”

“Yes, Sam is not my real name, my real name is Andrew”

“Excuse me” my father muttered raising one of his fingers, I realized you never mentioned going to the parish and becoming a priest or a reverend father, does that mean you are not a member of the church I knew you from?”

This question had left the three of them laughing at him, and my dad had wondered what had been funny, I, on the other hand, was greatly confused at my dad’s question

“Dad, he is not a Reverend father, he is my school principal”

“Principal? Him? He turned his head at me with a puzzled look ” I knew him from the church” he had declared while the three of them continued laughing hysterically and we kept looking at them as though they had taken leave of their senses.

“Victoria darling, do you want to give me the honor of telling the story or you will like to continue,” Sam said in mockery all the while staring at us.

“I’ll continue from where I stopped Sam. She answered. She then stood from the chair she had been, walked up to take a glass from the shelf and filled it up with wine, asked if the others were interested but they had refused, then she took the wine glass and walked back to sit on the chair she had stood up from.

She took a sip then another as we all stared at her while she gobbled the wine till she emptied the glass. She pushed it to the floor while we watched in silence. She wiped her mouth with a napkin she had in her pocket and spoke again

“As I was saying before getting you all shocked, We met Sam and he took us in for the night. We had thought we were just going to sleep for the night before he drives us out. But the next morning he had asked us to tell him how we had gotten to his doorstep, worn out and homeless.

He had asked us about our parents and we had told him everything, he had been very angry at our uncle on our behalf and he was compassionate, we had sworn to revenge on him and he had been just as vengeful. Sam told us we could stay in his place for as long as we want and that was how we started living with him.

Sam became our parents, he doesn’t have enough to feed us but he tried his best, we couldn’t go to school for a while but he made sure we ate and dressed well. He was like an angel sent to us.

We lived in the dirtiest and most dangerous part of the city, amongst criminals and prostitutes and we wanted to get out.

One day Sam came home with a bag of money, he said it was a stash stolen by some thieves which they had thrown over the fence into the park where he had gone to smoke, Sam used to secretly smoke at the time because he doesn’t want us to know, that night he had gone to smoke when he saw the bag flung over, the bag had been a hindrance to their escape, they couldn’t flee with it as the police were at their tail and almost catching up with them.

We had been scared of Sam being discovered to have been the one who had taken the money, so that very night, we distributed the money in three different backpacks and left the town.

A few days later we heard the criminals had been arrested but the money wasn’t found, no traces and nobody was caught on camera taking them. We expelled breath of fresh air, nobody had seen Sam taking them and that was a huge relief

The money Sam stole was enough to start a new and meaningful life, he enrolled us in school, I wanted to be a lawyer because I want to know the rules and laws guiding properties so that I can return to claim my father’s properties and wealth from my uncle.

Victor had studied mechanical engineering in school and was the best student to graduate from the university with the highest grade points, I also graduated with merits in law.

He had gone on to work at an automobile company and was one of their best employees, I got a job before coming to David’s place where I was sexually harassed by the boss in the company, I had put up with it for a while till I heard on the news that my Dad’s company had declared bankruptcy.

My uncle had mismanaged funds and was on huge debts. I drove to my father’s house after a long time and I saw it seized by the bank and saw my uncle and his family being thrown out of it. It was the first time I saw them after that night we had left home.

I was so mad at him and at this news, I was confused about what to do when I had heard that the house had been purchased and the company will be taken over by no other person but you David, and your partner, the minister. She said laughing hysterically her voice filled with hurt

It had taken us months to come up with a plan that even Victor had to quit his job for it, we were so furious that we had been toiling for years only to have the things we wanted so desperately moved to someone else.

Sam was the one who gave the idea of tailing you and your friend. Victor tailed you day and night learning things about you, which was when we noticed that you were more of a devoted husband and don’t frequent clubs or have an affair with other women unlike your friend who was a different fish in the tank, he had been the easiest to tame.

I had gone to the club he visits often to seek the job of a waitress and was employed, I sought to get his attention which wasn’t hard as he loves women. He wanted to have something with me but I told him if he wanted me so bad then he should get me a job.

I told him my qualifications and achievements which he was impressed about and promised to get me a job at his company.

That was how I got into your office, I had been going out with him in order to attain what we strived for but his wife was a bitch, she found out about me and got thugs to beat me up which got me to relinquish from pursuing him.

Getting to you was the hardest part, I tried luring you but you never gave in for it, I was so frantic for your attention, and I noticed that being a messenger I had little time seeing you, I had to threaten your secretary to leave the company by sending her a letter about how we planned to murder her if she doesn’t quit her job, we had instilled so much fear in her which made her leave in a hurry to save her life, Victor had been the one who wrote the farewell letter she supposedly wrote and I was the one who had dropped it on your desk.

That got me direct access to you and I continued to seduce you but you were unyielding and your sweet wife tried to stop me. Victoria said infuriated while she recalled.

Her only mistake was being too soft, poor dear. My mother said with a mockery sad face. So sad she had to die that way.

My father was brisk to respond ” Did you do anything to her, did you know about the accident. He asked in a fierce curiosity

My mother walked towards my dad and I and crouched, she stared at my dad for a long time then turned to look at me before she answered back “What a sad end for a woman to die after giving birth to such a precious little baby” she mumbled incoherently stroking my head.


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