The Girl who was Trapped

One scorching hot afternoon, Tolu was walking along a secluded part of a town on her way home, when she heard the noise of a child.

The child sounded as though he or she was in distress, so she ran quickly to where the voice came from to find out what was the problem.

On getting there, she met a small girl pointing to a house and screaming “She is trapped”. Tolu went to the little girl and asked her what was wrong, she didn’t answer but kept crying out saying “she is trapped”

Tolu ran on top speed into the building frantically searching for the person the girl was saying was trapped in it.

She searched every room but she could find no one in dire need of help, nor was the house even occupied, when she was certain there was nowhere else to search in the building, she went back outside to where the little girl kneeled still screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Little girl, who did you say was trapped in the house”

She got no response to her question except for her continuous yell, she went to shake the little girl and pull her to her feet, and asked her who she saw was trapped in the building, still, the girl gave no response except now she was quiet and clung to Tolu as if to stop her from going away.

Tolu stared at the girl for a long time with curiosity, the girl continued looking at her without blinking, it was until she ran her hands over her face that she realized it was a blind girl.

Tolu was surprised at discovering it was a blind girl screaming all along and felt like a fool,
She couldn’t have seen anyone trapped in the house, Tolu thought, then why was she screaming?

At that moment, an old woman walked to stand beside her, she had seen what had happened, she told Tolu, she heard the girl scream, but it was her usual behavior, and that the girl was blind and also dumb

The old woman went on to tell Tolu the story of how it had happened, the story of the time, a storm had flooded the whole town, killing almost everyone including the girl’s parents.

The little girl had been standing amid the storm when saw a girl trapped in a building, screaming for help,

That had been the last thing she saw and that voice had been the last thing she heard before the storm took her hearing and seeing abilities.

Ever since that day she often cries out “she is trapped” whenever she felt lonely.

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