Best & Profitable Blogging Niches in Nigeria in 2021

Best & Profitable Blogging Niches in Nigeria
Best & Profitable Blogging Niches in Nigeria

A good number of you might have heard the success story of the likes of Linda Ikeji, Uche Pedro, Makinde Azeez and have seen how profitable blogging must be. As the case usually is with most newbies, on hearing the success stories of these top bloggers, they rush into creating an entertainment or gist blog but after trying for a long time with little to no major financial success, the idea of blogging being profitable in Nigeria becomes fallacy to them.

Well, the reason for this is quite simple, the entertainment and gist blogs are already overpopulated and have little to no uniqueness and this is why only the top players are having the lion’s share in this highly profitable niche while the others get to share the crumb that falls off the table. Apart from the entertainment and gist blogs, there are other niches that you can dominate in Nigeria and make as much or even more money than these top gist/entertainment bloggers are making.

Today, I’ll be bringing to you other highly profitable niches in Nigeria and even tho some of these niches are also competitive, you can still stand out and make a living off it and probably quit your job and face it full time.

(1) Weight Loss Niche

Nigerians are now becoming more aware of their body shape and take conscious effort in order to be in shape and to look good. The reason for the growth of this niche isn’t far fetched as people are now beginning to realize the health hazards of being out of shape and some others also want to feel good about themselves and also attract the opposite sex.

Weight Loss blogs basically guide their followers or readers to attain and put on the weight which they desire by suggesting/prescribing the right diet, work out tactics, weight-loss products, and lifestyle to achieve their desired shape, and also share testimonies of those who have gotten the body shape they desire and the steps they took to attain their goal.

You can monetize this niche by affiliate marketing (referring users to weight-loss products and getting commissions), selling your own weight-loss product, display ad, or charge a fee for personal training and diet plan, and you can also get paid by some gyms for recommending people.

(2) Fertility & Sexual Health Niche

If you spend quality time on Instagram daily and you’re very observant, you can sure tell that this niche is a big one as even Nigerian Instagram comedians and also Instablog9ja whose content has nothing to do with this niche are making a huge amount of money from it. You can see ads from companies like Kolaqalogbo, Suruka, and a host of others on pages of these online comedians and other Instagram bloggers.

Now if these content creators whose content and their audience aren’t directly linked with these products make so much money from the niche, you can imagine the amount of money you can make from ads if you can successfully dominate this niche.

These days, people aren’t that bold to confront a doctor to seek a solution for their sexual health issues (like menstrual complications, premature ejaculation, dryness in females during intercourse) and to spice up their sex life hence they resort to the internet to seek aid from strangers who are experts in this field. By providing health tips, food, drugs, and products that help spice up the sex life of people and enhances fertility you can make a fortune on the internet in Nigeria. This niche can be monetized by display ads from companies like Kolaqalogbo, sponsored posts, charging a fee before recommending a diet or product(s) that work, or getting a commission after referring people to purchase products that enhance their sex life and fertility.

(3) Make Money Online Niche

Nigerians are a hard-working bunch who don’t give up readily and are always ready to work harder to make life better and enjoy life. While some alarming percentage of Nigerian youths have resorted to making money online illegally, some self-righteous and morally correct ones still believe that wealth can be made legally online.

These ones are constantly surfing the internet seeking ways to make money off the internet and utilize their data and time spent on the internet. Even tho this niche is highly competitive on a World scale level you can still succeed in it by focusing on Nigeria and constantly scouting and reporting legit opportunities of making money online in Nigeria. Unlike some other niches which target a particular age group or gender, the online money-making niche is pretty vast as it gets the interest of basically all age group, gender, and religion because even the working-class people are also trying to expand their income source and make money off the internet and school students also wish to be independent and not have to rely on their parents for money all the time.  It definitely takes some time to rank for keywords like this but when you finally do, it will be worth the wait and apart from gaining traffic from search engines, if you really gain the trust of Nigerians and build a fanbase, you’ll be shocked at how word of mouth can grow your business and make you a giant in this niche. This niche scout for money-making opportunities online and how to make money on social media, offer affiliate marketing guide, and guide people on how to make money from the comfort of their homes.

This Niche can be monetized by placing contextual/display ads like Google Adsense, gaining commission for referring users to online money making programs, getting a certain percentage of initial earnings accrued by users you referred.

(4) Betting tips & Prediction Niche

A vast percentage of Nigerian youth have slowly crept into a serious addiction of online betting and even when they lose a huge amount of money, the hope of them winning someday keeps them coming back and this has made betting a big business in Nigeria. Kunle Soname who is the owner of one of the biggest betting company in Nigeria (Bet9ja) is said to be worth $100 Million dollars according to, Otunba Akin Alabi who is the owner of NairaBet has also made millions of dollars from his betting company in Nigeria and this goes to show how big betting as a business is in Nigeria.

But the Nigerian youths are beginning to get tired of losing money to these betting companies and have resorted to seeking sure predictions online in other to reduce the risk involved in betting and this have carved another industry from the betting business and that is the prediction and betting tips industry. People run to them to obtain favorable tips and predictions in order to make their bet certain. If you keep on delivering helpful and sure betting tips and predictions, trust me you can build a loyal audience for your blog which you can convert to cash by running display ads, affiliate marketing for betting sites, sell sports jerseys, sell your own products alongside, or take payment aforehand before delivering the prediction tips.

(5) Education and Scholarships Opportunities Niche

The youths who have gone or tried getting into a Nigerian University know the struggle they have to put up with in order to gain admission into the Nigerian University and coupled with the series of strikes that occur during the study duration hence extending the years in school. A good number of young Nigerians are currently seeking alternatives in order to avoid these struggles and also have a better taste of life, they are currently searching for affordable Education outside the country.

Some have even lost a huge amount of money to some scam artist who promised to get them admission into a foreign university. This is one highly profitable and huge niche in Nigeria and by constantly scouting and providing legit partial or full Scholarship opportunities that Nigerian youths can optimize and acquire quality education outside the country, you can generate huge traffic to your blog, gain the trust of Nigerians, and make serious money online.

The ‘Education and Scholarships Opportunities’ niche can be monetized by running contextual/display ads, sponsored posts from foreign Universities seeking foreign students and willing to offer scholarships in order to attract foreign students, also some foreign Universities pay commission to people who refer students to their school and by making sure to let the school be aware that you got them a student/students, a good number of foreign school will give you a commission for referring a student.

(6) Relationship Tips & Advice Blog

When you go through social media memes and posts people share, you’ll observe how people are always trying to show how nonchalant and cold-hearted they can be when dealing with relationships or the opposite sex but don’t get deceived as a lot of these people who put up this attitude is highly emotional and caring and behind closed doors seek relationship tips and advice online in order to step up their relationship game and attract or keep the opposite sex.

Back then, it used to be married people returning back to their parents or elderly ones to seek counsel for their marriage but now we now witness stranger and uncommon issues in marriages and people don’t find comfort in sharing these problems with people they know but prefer to share them anonymously online with a relationship expert that will guide them on how to pull through. And apart from the married ones, the young ones in relationships and even those single are searching for ways to improve their current relationship or get more girls/boys to find them attractive and this has made the Relationship tips/advice niche a big one. Nigerian relationship and love Doctor – Adejoro Olumofin has garnered over 600k followers on Instagram by just dishing relationship advice and sharing relationship problems of others anonymously and this goes to show how profitable and big this niche is. This niche can share true-life struggles of couples and how they pulled through, how to make your boyfriend/girlfriend love you more, how to know when or if a Nigerian girl/boy is interested in you, how to win back the love of your spouse and topics like that.

This niche can be monetized by charging for personal consultations, running display/contextual ads, affiliate marketing (referring users to great relationship books and getting commissions) and people tend to take you seriously in this niche if you have been able to maintain a relationship or marriage for a very long time or if you have had serious relationship issues in the past and made it through.

(7) Tech Niche

Trust me on this one, the tech niche is highly profitable just as the entertainment niche. Even tho this niche is highly profitable and also competitive, it is not as densely populated as the entertainment/gist niche because this niche requires some level of expertise and in-depth knowledge about technology in order to strive in it. Irrespective of how crowded this niche may get in the future if you are very knowledgeable in this field and have comprehensive knowledge, it will show and you will stand out from the crowd.

The tech blogs share news about ground-breaking invention in the tech world, what to expect in the future in tech world, what to expect/features of smart devices like laptops, phones, tablets, and other gadgets, they also review these gadgets to point out faults in them, unique features, their pricing and why users might want to go for it. Tech blogs also help users to utilize and maximize their smart devices and point out hidden features that they wouldn’t have had an idea about and also help users to overcome challenges like formating their phones, jailbreaking or rooting of devices, gain access to the device after forgetting the password, how to recharge DSTV online, and many other challenges. This niche can be monetized by sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, contextual/display ads, and paid reviews from phone or laptop companies.

(8) Travel Blog

A good number of Nigerians who aren’t struggling financially are seeking means to leave the country either for education, holidays or business purposes and some of them have no idea of how to go about it. I have heard of stories of people who had lost millions of Naira to agents who promised to secure a visa for them and in the end, failed and some girls have even been sold out as sex workers by deceptive travel agencies.

Even offline, the travel guide business has always been a big business and it isn’t any different online as Nigerians are constantly searching for how to successfully secure a visa to the country of their choice, how to perform well in visa interviews, lucrative places to visit to spend their holidays, countries that provide quality education at an affordable rate, alternative cheap flights, how to gain the citizenship of other countries, and romantic spots around the world to go on a honeymoon or other travel queries. If you happen to travel a lot, you can tell that Nigerians are most likely among the most traveled people in the world as you’ll find Nigerians in almost every part of the world even places you never thought a foreigner would be and the dream/vision of every 8 out of 10 Nigerian youth is to travel out of the country and this goes to show you how big this niche is.

By starting a blog that covers the topics/questions listed above in detail, you can build a big fanbase and a very big business online and won’t need to retain your 9-5 job anymore. This niche can be monetized by sponsored posts from countries or organizations looking for tourists, contextual/display ads, direct ads from airline companies and/or travel agencies.

(9) Small Business Idea/Opportunity Niche

Entrepreneurship is now highly glorified in society and people now want to have a business that they can call their own while some others are looking for opportunities and business ventures that they can invest their money in in order to secure their future. With the alarming unemployment rate and paucity of jobs, entrepreneurship has become the last resort or hope of so many Nigerians in order to make ends meet. While entrepreneurship can be very profitable, it also involves a lot of risks and can be capital demanding and some people still want to be business owners without putting up with all of that.

This niche can provide business ideas/opportunities that people can start that involves less risk and requires limited capital, for example, a topic like (Business you can start up with ₦50,000 in Nigeria, risk-free business opportunities in Nigeria with low capital requirement), guide people on how to run a big or small scale business in Nigeria successfully, teach people why businesses fail in Nigeria, how to run a particular business in Nigeria successfully, and also scout and share unique, scarce, and profitable business opportunities with readers.

This niche can be monetized by charging readers for direct consultation services, selling e-books to explains how to run and manage small businesses in Nigeria successfully, charging a fee before sharing highly profitable opportunities, display/contextual ads.

(10) Lists Niche

Even we at Rosbena are also a partaker of this niche as we have the list category on our website and we have detailed knowledge of how big this niche is. Lists websites publish posts like Top ten richest people in Nigeria, top ten Nigerian celebrities, most followed Nigerian celebrities on Instagram or Twitter, and posts like that, and even this post you are currently reading is a list post.

Niche like this depends majorly on search engines for traffic and you have to serve accurate and detailed information in order for search engines like Google to find you worthy. This niche will do better on blogs rather than on YouTube as some of these contents need to be updated quite often (like the Top richest men in Nigeria cause their net worth may change overtime or most followed celebrities on Instagram as their follower count changes quite frequently) and you can’t make such changes on videos posted on YouTube.

The list niche can be monetized by display/contextual ads(like Adsense) or getting paid by organizations, individuals, or companies to feature in a list post. But I must warn you, receiving money from mediocre or unqualified companies, organizations, or personalities and featuring them on list posts will definitely sabotage your business in the long run as you will slowly lose the trust of your readers and eventually lose the trust of search engines.

(11) How-to or DIY (Do It Yourself) Niche

The emergence of the internet really displaced a lot of businesses. For example the bookstore business, now people don’t have to or even want to go to a bookstore anymore to purchase books as they can now do that from online book stores like Jumia or Amazon. Another industry/business that the internet is killing its relevance is the tutorial business. Before people pay in order to learn stuff like how to Format phones, bake a cake, check WAEC, jamb, or post ume score online but now they can have that information on the internet for free.

If you go through Google’s year in search in Nigeria for 2019 and also for 2018, you’ll see that amongst the most searched keywords in Nigeria in these years you’ll find words like ‘how to start a blog’, ‘How to Ask a girl out’, ‘How to make buns’, ‘How to check BVN’, ‘How To Check Jamb Result’ and that goes to show the search volume for tutorial/DIY keywords in Nigeria.

By putting people through on how to do these things in detail and explaining every step and requirement, you can create a high traffic website. This niche majorly depends on search engines for traffic and have low direct and sometimes returning visitors as users who come to the site via search and is looking for a topic like ‘How to write a formal letter’ isn’t likely to check out other posts on your site like ‘how to format an Android phone’. Website covering topics like this can be monetized primarily with contextual/display ads like Adsense or other display Ad networks.

(12) Food niche

This niche kind of matches with the DIY/tutorial niche but instead of just mixing up Cooking tutorial and tech or other tutorials, you can focus on this niche specifically and become a giant in this niche. Some people wish to learn how to prepare the food of other tribes and really don’t have friends or relatives from this tribe that will teach them hence they resort to the internet to learn while some others who are good in the kitchen still want to perfect their cooking skills and learn new stuff hence they resort to the internet.

Food blogs deliver tutorials on how to cook several Nigeria dishes and even foreign dishes, ingredients required to prepare certain meals, recommend great restaurants to find a particular meal, or just making videos of them consuming a particular food (trust me a good number of Nigerians enjoy watching videos like this just to salivate).

This niche will do better on YouTube than on blogs as people will prefer to see the tutorial step by step till the end in a video rather than reading the tutorial on a blog. And you can make money by running Google ads, direct ads from restaurants or food ingredients companies like Maggi and Tin tomatoes companies, and featuring/recommending their product as the right or perfect ingredient for preparing a particular meal.

(13) Discount/Bonanza Niche

In Zlatan Ibile’s voice ‘Who No Like Better Thing?’, and Nigerians for sure like better things. We like offers, discounts, free things or awoof. Some of these discounts, or offers, when made available, the information doesn’t spread to a good number of people, and even when the information gets viral sometimes it’s already invalid or obsolete as people who initially get knowledge of things like this like to keep it a secret or share with just a few friends that they trust & love.

By creating a blog that shares news like mouth-watering discounts on shopping sites, cheap data offers from various telecommunication networks, free browsing cheats, or give away, promos, and bonanzas with huge reward/prize from companies like scratch and win promo, buy and win, etc you can build a large Nigerian audience online in a short space of time.

This niche won’t do well on YouTube but will perform better on blogs and even on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter  (i.e creating a social media blog). This niche can be monetized by charging a fee before users can access the site (this can only be possible when the blog is already big), display ads (Like Adsense), or direct ads from companies who want to do a giveaway or bonanza because these companies spend a lot on TV commercials to make the public aware of their bonanzas and if you can dominate this niche a huge chunk of that commercial money will come to you.

(14) Mini importation Business Niche

Importation business has always been big business in Nigeria as you already know that Nigerians prefer foreign products and perceive them as superior products but the importation business isn’t a business you dive into without learning the trade from someone who is or was actively in the trade. The days when people have to work for or serve a master in the importation business for years in order to master the trade is slowly fading out as people aren’t willing to wait that long in order to learn the trade or even put up with a terrible master.

By providing tips on how to import goods from countries like China or the U.S, profitable products to import to Nigeria, or telling readers how to get into or start the importation business with limited resources, connecting readers with upright manufacturers or wholesalers you can build a large fanbase and generate huge traffic to your website.

The mini importation niche can be monetized by selling e-books, consultation fees, affiliate commission (i.e charging a fee from foreign manufacturers for connecting them with potential customers), or display ads like Google Adsense.


I’m currently compiling a list of super-competitive or time-wasting and unprofitable niches in Nigeria and once I’m done I’ll share it with you so be sure to keep checking on Rosbena to know when I’ll share that post so you don’t go ahead to waste your time on unprofitable or super competitive niches in Nigeria. So that niche that you are thinking is highly profitable and should be on this list might be among the unprofitable, super competitive, and time-wasting niches and I definitely give you clear reasons why they fall under that category. I’ll also continue to research about untapped and profitable niches in Nigeria and as I get more information, I’ll be sure to update this post and add more info.

Whichever one of these niches listed above will cost you something in order to succeed, all of them will definitely cost you time, money and the extent or degree of time and money required depends on the niche but with consistency, dedication, the right team, and constant learning, success is definitely not far from you.

If you have any further question(s), idea(s), or doubt, you can leave a comment in the comment section below or send me a direct message on Instagram Here and I’ll be sure to guide you through and clear your doubt(s) and I’ll be also looking forward to learning about more profitable and untapped niches in Nigeria from the comment section.

So which one of these niches will you be giving a shot or do you feel like you can thrive in? Let me know in the comment section below.

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